Our Action

Help you go further and unleash your company's potential for growth.

TXL capital intervenes at all key stages of your company's development.
Our expertise: sale, acquisitions, transfers, takeovers, fundraising, strategic partnerships, financing, business or asset transactions.

With offices in Paris and Fontainebleau, our significant involvement in the regional economy and an extensive presence in European networks, we can assist you in meeting your local, national or international objectives.

Our Commitment

Whether you are an SME or a Start-up, we can provide services tailored to your company’s needs and specifications. We will:
  • Establish a relationship based on trust and actively defend your interests.
  • Share the benefits of our extensive "field" experience and assist you in making the right choices.
  • Maximize the momentum you have created for your company.
  • Manage your project with transparency and clearly explain our actions.
  • Open our network to you, introducing you to our trusted partners as needed.
  • Place people at the heart of the process while remaining focused on the realities of your situation.

Our Method

At TXL capital, we don’t rely on complicated terms or insider jargon. We report back to you, clearly and simply, about the progress made on your project and on negotiations underway. We appoint one single contact person as this strengthens the bond of trust between us. This facilitates confidentiality.
  • You remain in control of operations and know all the parameters: financial, industrial, legal, tax...
Acting under your authority, we take charge of the entire process. We relieve you of time-consuming tasks and involve you only at the strategic stages.
  • You use your time to manage your company, keeping focus during the critical moments of the operation.
From your first meeting with your team in charge of the project, up to “post-project” management, we support you throughout all or part of the process. The choice of your legal and financial partners is up to you.
  • We contribute our skills, experience and values at each step, depending on your needs.
  • Strategic framing
    We clarify your vision, ambition and motivations, and integrate these into your professional strategy. Working together, we determine the next goals to be reached as well as your decision-making criteria. We create an action plan and fully explain all its aspects as we proceed.
  • Valorization & Communication
    We identify and highlight the strengths of your company or project, and prepare communication media customized for targeted partners.
  • Selection & Approach
    We know the profile of the partner you are seeking. Using your criteria, we prepare a shortlist and submit it to you for approval. This marks the beginning of the confidential approach as preliminary discussions get underway.
  • Negotiations & Completion
    Your project and your target audience meet. We continue to provide our support to assure the operation proceeds under optimal conditions. In this final stretch, we remain at your side, fully available, and then offer further support during the transition phase.
We are organized to involve you only when necessary ... in other words, as little as possible. This allows you to stay ready and available for the decisive stages of the operation


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